To stripe or not to stripe

 Hey peeps. 

Today is Monday and it appears I have survived. 

It was touch & go there for a minute. 

As I reported on mah other bloggity-blog, M&I sold our house last night. [HOLLA!]

So, naturally, all I can do today is gather ideas on how to make our new place look bitchin‘. 

I’m starting with paint.

The living room-slash-kitchen are this super-bland greenish color.

It’s very neutral. It could do the trick. But it’s not going to.

The walls need a fresh coat of paint anyway, so why not just pick a new color? paint_gray-7384107

I think I’m going to go with a gray-ish tone in the living room/kitchen area.

Since my current living room is “New York” themed, and I adore NYC, I’m keeping it.
And the gray tones would really accent all the stuff I have. Most of it is black and/or silver. So that works out. 

I’m thinking on that wall that butts up to the kitchen

arrow-5613019 I’m going to do some wicked-awesome horizontal striping. [Which may also require some circus-style maneuvers since it runs into the stairwell.

My ninja skills are going to need a refresher.]

img_9842-4847397 Kinda like this super-hero ^ did. 

I’d use just a hair-darker gray than the base coat. 

Perhaps a color such as this:


It’s just a thought. I may or may not actually possess the patience to pull something like this off. 

I am a professional edger by now, though, so I feel pretty good about my odds of making this happen.

Anyway, I need some good ideas for decorating. 

As I’ve explained before, I’m terrible at it.

If you happen across a site or blog that you think I should look at for some awesome-sauce design ideas, by all means tell me.

 That’s all I’ve got for today, kids.  I’ve got tutus to make.

Farewell, and