Chair Refurbishing

Holy cow, this is exciting. 

First post on my new site!

 If you’re new here,

[which I’m guessing you are since it’s been live for an hour now]

then welcome!

This is my new blog to post DIY projects, redecorating ideas, tutorials and everything in between.

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so a lot of my ideas come from there. 

DIY: Bar Stool Re-Vamp


For this particular project, I had gotten a old school ice cream parlor table & chair set from my in-laws. 

[sorry about the poor foto quality, it’s an oldie!]


When they moved to their new house, they were going to throw it out. 

I begged convinced my husband that we needed it and we have stored it in our basement for the past 6 months.

When we did our basement remodel this past weekend, [posted on my other blog here] we decided that it did more “collecting crap” than it did actually seating anyone.

My sister & BIL just moved and they are in need of a table & chair set. She’s always been in love with this one & when she told me that her plan for the new kitchen was “old school Coca-Cola with red & black,” I had a creative fit in my head. 

It would look perfect in her new kitchen!

If only I could reupholster those chairs……

Challenge accepted.


 I got 2.5 yards of black vinyl from Hobby Lobby [that’s all they had, but it was the perfect size]

and monopolized my husband’s staple gun for the afternoon. Otherwise, the only tools I used were pliers [in case of screw-ups], scissors, and a phillip’s head screwdriver.  

First, I unscrewed the top pad off the metal base.


Then I cut the vinyl into four square pieces & rounded the corners to make it easier. You don’t have to do this, I did it both ways and I don’t think it made much of a difference.


 I stapled around the edges, doing 4 corners first so I could work from there. 

I ended up leaving the old vinyl underneath it because it was stuck in there real good. [believe me, I tried]

And I often forgot that I needed to leave the 4 holes open where the screws drill into.


That’s why the pliers are for. 🙂


 After you’re done, say a small prayer that it will screw back on correctly


 and then recite these words:

“Damn, I’m AWESOME!”

Because you are.

At least that’s how I felt.


I am the superwoman of reupholstering.

Alright, alright. You caught me. It wasn’t that hard. I finished in less than an hour. The hardest part was getting the hang of the staple gun.

After that, I was all sorts of pumped, so I got out my stuff from HL to make a front-door hanging.

I’ve seen some cute ones on Pinterest,

like so:

blog here

But I wanted to make my own version.

I got a cute curly “R” [$2.99 + 30% off]

and a blue frame that I wouldn’t have to paint [$20 + 50% off].

The wiring, lace & flowers I had lying around, as well as the spray paint I used for the letter. 


 I sanded and spraypainted the letter first, then wired it to the top of the frame
[on the back there were some staples I could attach to]. 

Then I hot-glued the lace & flowers to it for embellishment. 

And finally, I attached the wire at the top to hang it.

Total cost: $12 bucks


I almost picked up an “edging frame” for $20, which wasn’t 50% off, but was incredibly cute. Thankfully, I spotted this one which had glass & a back originally [for photos], but I easily took those out to make it look like the expensive edging frame.

Easy as pie.

Anywho – thanks for joining me for my very first post on & hope to see you all back soon.

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