Weekly Photo Show & Tell

Hello, lovelies.
I had a wonderful gal comment on my August “Click it up a Notch” picture. She suggested that I join in on their link up as well at her site![consider me flattered!] The theme for her photo contest is “Family”.

This theme is absolute pie for me.

My family is my everything. Without them I would…well, for one, I would not be alive, nor would I want to be. They’re amazing. My sis & I are BFF’s – always have been [well, except when we had to share a bathroom].

So when I found out her & the hubs were expecting, I was beyond excited.

I can’t really describe the feeling I had when I got to see my nephew enter this world [officially]. It was like nothing I have ever experienced. From then on, he has been the light of my life. I’m a crazy auntie, that’s for sure! max_bw1of1-4198174 Umm…can you blame me? How precious is that face? I got this last weekend with my 75-300mm lens.

It takes great effort to get a bad picture of this kid, let me tell ‘ya.

Anyway, that’s my submission. Hope you enjoyed gazing at my adorable nephew, Mr. Max.


Hope you all have a great weekend!