iPad Cover

Hello bloggers –

this weekend, I didn’t have a lot going.

Thankfully, I only had two bats to make, so the rest of my weekend was pretty much open.

I decided to do a fun project.

Thursday I took Kenz to Target to get some extra stuff for her locker & saw a composition notebook sitting on the shelf. I remembered a project I had pinned a while ago [pinspiration] and immediately thought..”oh, right, this would be awesome!” I got even more excited when I saw they had them in blue. 


So I got started:

img_1318copy-7279344img_1281copy-6351195 img_1285copy-3600271
img_1287copy-6907895headpiece2812of5129copy-7072310 img_1289-7841872
headpiece2814of5129copy-2968379 headpiece2815of5129copy-2980019 headpiece2816of5129copy-6672847 headpiece2819of5129copy-1040049 headpiece2821of5129copy-3054053 img_1304-4769559 headpiece2828of5129copy-7141319 headpiece2827of5129copy-8629104  And there you have it. A brand new iPad cover for approximately $3 buckaroos. img_1312-5370735 headpiece2837of5129-1742333

 Alright, it’s not perfect by any stretch of the word, but I think it’s kind of spectaular.