Well, it’s official.

I’m a major blog-slacker.

I’ve been busy, though.

I swear.

New and exciting things happening in the land of Mallory.

Mainly involving a lot of html. 

We’re talkin’ boatloads of random letters strung together that I sort of understand. 

A couple of friends asked me to help them with their blog layouts.

Heck yeah.

Throw a computer task at me and I’m game.

The first one is for my friend, Lauren.

She’s an AH-mazing singer & is trying to get her career off the ground.

Check out her beautiful voice here:


After I finished with Lauren’s blog, her Fiance, Daniel, asked me to do his too.

He’s got a truly inspirational story going on.

Seriously, it makes me feel like I haven’t done much with my life. 

I spent quite a bit more time on this one

1) because he was paying me to do so


2) because I was having so much fun

Plus, when I get excited about something, it’s easy for me to spend a ridiculous amount of time on it to get it perfect. 

Or close, anyway.

Check out his story here:


Now, before you think…I could probably do this

think again. Trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks.

It took me a looooong time to get this figured out, and I’m not even close to knowing all there is to know. 

First of all, you see all those links at the tops of the pages? Just below the fancy banners 

[you know, the ones I designed myself?]

those are each a picture that I created on photoshop

saved in web form

uploaded to picasa

copied their links

and then copied to html code in blogger

that then linked to another page.

Each one I had to do that. 

So in my opinion, they’re freaking fancy.

Then, I made the pages and linked the pages [on the picture].

I hope you’re as confused right now as I was when I was trying to figure links out.

I learned a lot more on Daniel’s because he had certain things he wanted.

This was great for me because a majority of the things, I had no clue how to do.

Which made me have to research.

And now I feel much more confident in my abilities.

I designed this site as well.

And my other blog, which I have changed a hundred times.


But I think I’ll stick with that design for a while.

So, your homework:

take a look at the designs I’ve made,

show some love to the awesome people I’ve got to work with,

and let me know what you think!