Foto Fun | Races

Hello, Lovelies.

I had the most wonderful of weekends, mostly due to a visit from some far-away gal pals.

Friday night, I walked up to the old airport where the annual car race was being held.

Every year, Salina is invaded by old, shiny vehicles. There’s a car show on Saturday at a local park, where all these beauties are featured.

But Friday night is the real show.

We borrowed some shade from some friendly strangers who were willing to let us cop a squat in the bed of their truck.

They were quite the colorful group, and I seemingly was the only lady in a 100-square foot radius.

Well, let’s face it; “lady” is a stretch..

I went mainly to take some fotos. I wasn’t sure what lens to bring, so I just broke down and brought them all – a decision I was regretting a mile into my walk in the 100-degree heat.

I was glad when I finally made it there; I almost left my zoom lens at home and that turned out to be the lens I used the entire time. 

We had to stand about 15 feet behind the concrete barriers just in case of a roll-over.

It was inconvenient from a photo standpoint, but I’m pretty sure I’d be regretting getting any closer if a car came barreling toward me.

Here are a few of my favorites from the races:

img_1014copy-7195841 img_1047copy-9642389

Hello random strangers; you’re so cute I’m going to snap a sneaky foto of you.
Our favorite: Dude in a crappy old truck with his dog as a passenger, smoking everyone he raced.

img_1096copy-2884472 img_1101copy-6111057

Cool silhouette

img_1123copy-5651324 img_1125copy-5149492 img_1129copy-9054684 img_1130copy-5094801 img_1136copy-6467623

I didn’t get any pictures with my lady friends – major fail – but that means they’ll just have to come down again to visit! 🙂 

Here’s to a spectacular week!