I bought these awesome letters from HL to add to my craft room wall. I had a blank space that just needed jazzed up. 

Originally, I was thinking I would paint them the blue & red that I used on the curtains, but decided to do something more fun that I could also do with Kenzie.

I tracked down all of my sharpie markers & we went to town.

To make sure the sharpie would look okay, I tried one myself a few weeks ago [the T]. It turned out just fine, so when Kenz was over the other day I asked her to help me finish the rest of the letters.

When she asked what she should write on there, I replied,

“Anything and everything. It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s you.” 

She did the “R” and bottom “E”. 

diy_72612287of1829-1673827 diy_72612282of1829-3001796  diy_72612285of1829-9130316  diy_72612283of1829-7628850 diy_72612288of1829-3244578 diy_72612284of1829-5950403

I like hers the best,

don’t you?