Camera bag


Hello, blog friends.

Haaaaaappy Friday to you all!

I’ve gone through approximately one thousand camera bags this past year.

Okay, only three.

But it feels ridiculous that I can’t decide on one I want.

Ideally, I’d like to get a super-cute one from Etsy.

For instance:

Etsy Listing Here

Ugh. So cute.

But Hell will be experiencing arctic temperatures before I blow $146 bucks on a camera bag, no matter how stunning it is.

The thing better be performing magic tricks for me to spend that kind of money on a bag.

Earlier this year, I purchased this Canon backpack online.


 It’s handy and has tons of storage.

I think that was the problem, coincidentally.

It has too much space.

I have three lenses total, one of which is always attached to my camera.

In no way do I need space for 6 lenses.

I went to Target yesterday 

[dun, dun, DUN

and spotted this a-dork-able messenger bag.


 It was large enough to hold all of my camera goodies,

and had tons of pockets [bonus!]. 

For $25 bucks, it was a steal, especially when I had a Target gift card burning a hole in my wallet.


 I brought it home and got to work [when I probably should’ve been working on bats…;)].

This middle-divider was just getting in the way…


 so I took care of that problem.

diy_726122812of1829-4998061 diy_726122813of1829-8456057

  I stole the foam dividers from my Canon backpack & pieced them together to make a custom insert for my hip, new bag.

The dividers have convenient velcro on the edges, so you can arrange them however you would like.

Plus, if I ever acquire 3 more lenses and need a giant backpack to store them in, I can easily return the dividers to the Canon bag.

As I said before, I only needed sections for two lenses.

The middle section is where my camera will hang out [lens first]. If you don’t have a spare camera bag lying around to steal foam inserts from, you can a) come to my house and borrow one of mine or

b) buy your own.


 And I had all this extra stuff that I would like to carry, just in case:

Cleaners, extra memory cards, tiny tripod, & extra lens caps


 And it all fit perfectly into the front pockets!


 It was a quick, easy project! Now I will be carrying all my dorky foto supplies around in style. 🙂