Bat Mania

 When I started my Etsy store I only had a single wreath and tutus on there.

One day, before my adorable nephew was born,

I made this gift for his room:

 And so came the dawn of the Max Bats.

Then, after hints that I might be able to make money from this DIY creation, I had the bright idea of featuring my Max Bats on my store.

It has since grown and traffic [thanks to Pinterest and everyone’s apparent adoration for baseball wall decor] has not doubled, tripled, or quadrupled – it’s quintupled. 😐

So, as I already had a tab open to Pinterest, I searched “baseball wall hanging”. 

Guess what came up? 

My freaking bats.

And tons of repins.

Not just from the one I posted [which has a measly 66 repins], but other people have pinned it. 

And other people have re-pinned their pin.

Is it sad that I searched for myself on Pinterest? [is that better or worse than googling yourself?]  Whatever, I had to know. I had to know what caused this influx in G.D. bat sales.

This week, I decided I needed to make it easier for people to order these. 

There’s a crap ton of options for them to choose from.

Okay, maybe crap ton is pushing it.

But still. I wanted to make it as simple as possible for my potential customers.

So I made these up:


In hopes that it will clear up some of the options they have.

Speaking of really long names,

[or not]

why is it that kids names these days are


This makes the process much more time consuming. Maybe it’s from all the extra letters they throw in there. Brahyden*

 *I made this up, but let’s face it; I’m sure someone out there spelled their kid’s name like this.

Oh well. It’s worth it for the profit, I suppose. 

But one of these days,

when I run Louisville Slugger out of wooden bats

and Hobby Lobby out of unfinished wood letters, 

I will quit making these bats

and go back to living my life as the boring,


Kansas girl who just wants to watch shows on ABC family and go to bed at 10 pm. 

Until then – MK creations continues to thrive,

and I continue to make ridiculous amounts of Max Bats.